Saturday, October 09, 2010


Arrangements for David
Right now it is 2pm on Saturday afternoon.  This morning at about 5am I went to the John Muir Hospital where a doctor gave me medication to help me get some real sleep.  The over-the-counter meds were not doing it for me.  This new prescription med is called Ambien.  After taking one tiny Ambian I slept for 7 hours of unbroken sleep!  Wow!

I'd like to tell you what happened Friday.  Just about at sunrise on Friday, my son Joe and I began driving to Angels Camp in the Sierra mountains of California.  Joe drove from his home in Santa Cruz and I from David's home in Concord.  We met at Angels Memorial Chapel where David's body lay.  Prior to this meeting, David's mom and I had made the decision to have our son's body cremated.  These arrangements were made.  David's ashes will be brought back to his home in Concord and will be scattered later at a place to be chosen.

David's car had been towed from the place he died to a storage yard in Calaveras County.  Joe and I returned my rental car and I drove David's car back home.

It's odd how a word or question starts tears flowing.  At John Muir Hospital reception this morning, the nurse asked if I had a 'Power of Attorney for Health Care'.  I replied, "My dead son David has mine."  Then I pictured those papers in the hanging file in David's desk and burst out crying.  The guard brought me a box of tissues.

Knowing my son!
Below is one of my favorite pics of my son David and Pussle his cat.  Pussle died in February, 2009 after living with David over 18 years. I myself took this pic of David and Pussle. This pic is David's favorite pic of Pussle too!
Pussle and David

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