Friday, October 15, 2010

Back to mountains

7AM - Back to the mountains
This morning I'm driving David's car back to the mountains. David's ashes are waiting for me to pickup from the Calaveras County coroner.  Also 10 death certificates.  We need to prove that son David really died!

I also have made a date to meet with the forest ranger who found David.  I wish to visit the place where my son David lived his last moments here on Earth.

I'm doing much better now.  So please do not worry about me.  The emotional roller-coaster that I've been on since learning of David's death has calmed down.  Even so, I still need to get professional counseling.  Did I tell you that David's employer is providing me with that counseling.  Bay Area Rapid Transit!  The people there are sooooooo terrific!

It will all work out!
David told us "It will all workout!"  And, it is all working out.  How did David know?

After leaving the coroner with David's ashes, I drove up the mountain to Calaveras Big Trees Park.  The trees growing here are so tall, and very beautiful.  I drove behind the ranger's truck, following him to the place where David died.  He turned off at a narrow dirt road and parked.

We walked up the dirt road a couple hundred yards, and he showed me where David had parked.  David's car could not be seen from that spot.  That is why it took so long to find him.  The ranger walked about 50 feet further and pointed to a small tree.  "This is where I found your son sitting down leaning against this tree", he told me.

It is a tree shaded place.  The ground is covered with pine needles.  The fragrance of pine fills the air.  It is very quiet here.  Only the sound of buzzing insects.

The ranger left.  I sat down where my son David sat down.  With my back leaning against the tree exactly where David's back had leaned leaned against that tree.  The view from there is all forest and sky.  I looked out at the scene that my son David saw at his last instant of life.
David's last view