Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bubble bath

Bubble bath
At my therapy session yesterday afternoon, the subject of "Bubble bath" came up.  My therapist is very high on bubble bath.  And now, I am high on bubble bath too!

David has a big bottle of bubble bath in the kid's bathroom.  I've noticed it before, but never used it in my bath.  I love baths a lot more than showers.  Maybe because MsTioga only has a shower.  Anyway, I've begun taking a wonderful hot bath every nite before bed.  And I put bubble bath in my water last nite!

I love bubble bath.  It removes the soap scum that sticks to the tub walls!  That's a really good thing.  Bubble bath makes me feel happy.   In fact, I am happy without the bubble bath.  But the bubble bath makes me feel even more happy!

Didn't I already know?
Last nite while in my bubble bath, it came to me that I already knew that all of my family would some day die.  I knew about dying before David died.  Why was I so shocked, distraught and blown completely away when I learned of David's suicide?

The time for me to think about losing David, was BEFORE he died.  And in that thinking, be considerate of David.  Love him.  Listen to him.  Laugh with him.  Be considerate of him.  Be sensitive of David,

David's passing has taught me a fantastically valuable lesson.  I am going to re-double my efforts to be uncritical, non-judgmental, loving, caring and sensitive to all of those that I care for and love.  And the most important thing that I am going to do, is to never take them for granted again!

Never take my love ones for granted again!  Wow!  Because of David's death I have come face-to-face with the knowing that at any minute, somebody that I love may be gone forever.