Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chicken w/o head

4:30PM - Chicken without a head!
It just blows me away to find how quickly I've been converted into a man in a hurry.  I'm running around here like a chicken without a head!  I used to be Tioga George, a guy who spent many hours each winter day gazing at the waves rolling in while sitting on the beach of Matanchen in the shade of MsTioga.  During this past summer, much of my time was spent Day Camped behind the Soriana store in the Town of Tequisquiapan looking at the lake and the beauty of the green mountains.

Now, I am a completely different man!  I am using a Personal Data Assistant [PDA] with a calendar for appointments.  There are several appointments each day, and the PDA's alarm goes off to make sure that I do not forget them.  David's desk where I am working is neat and organized.  However it is filled with papers that are work-in-progress.  The phones here in David's home ring a lot.  Who calls?  My lawyer.  Foster kid's moms call a lot.  Members of my family.  Police department people.

And here in the City of Concord, I make several dozen outgoing phone calls each day.  In Mexico my cell phone is always turned off, and sits in the bedroom dresser drawer.  In Mexico, I check for phone messages once each week. Most weeks there are no messages.

Years ago, when I was a working guy, a Franklin planner went with me everywhere I went.  I stopped using that Franklin planner around 1992.  Never in my wildest dreams did I believe that one day I would be on the treadmill again.

Things should be calming down soon though.  I am pretty sure about that!

Are you worried about me?
A few readers seem to be worried about me. If you are one of those few readers, please know that I am doing really good right now. I've got tremendous support. And I've been going for therapy sessions at my shrink every day this week, which has been very good for me.

David's party is happening on Saturday, November 6th.

From the party announcement:
"This party will not be a time for tears or to talk about how or why, but to remember and honor David with the sharing of laughter, love, good memories, fun and lots of food.  Even the pool will be open - weather permitting."