Sunday, October 10, 2010


4PM - A little crazy
I feel certain that I have been made a little crazy by what has been happening to me.  A little while ago I was working on David's car.  Something went into the heater/air conditioning fan duct and that something is rubbing on the fan blade making a clicking noise.

That was when I noticed a water bottle in the holder of the driver's side door.  It occurred to me that David had last drunk from that bottle.  Maybe if I now drink from that bottle, maybe I could hear David talk to me!  Maybe I could talk to David!

Isn't this the craziest idea?   Hmmmmm?  Nothing happened.  David did not talk to me from the great beyond.

Friends and family
Today friends and family reached out to me to give their support. I went to lunch with my long time friend Mr. Dick at Pegg's Western Grill in the City of Martinez. I could see in Dick's eyes that he is concerned about me.

David's close friends Tracy and Frank phoned. Frank came over and visited with me. We talked about David, and that talking was very tough to do. For both of us.

Lord help me! What a terrible, terrible thing this is!

11PM - Email
I'm soooooo far behind in replying to your email.  There are hundreds of messages waiting for me to reply.  Too much for me to ever catch up.

You have been so very kind with your support.  Please keep sending email.  Even though I may never be able to answer all of them, I read every single one!

With love,