Sunday, October 03, 2010

David, my son

David is my son.  David has been the foster parent to perhaps 30 children over the past 15+ years.  David is a wonderful father.  He is the father that I hoped that I would have been.  Patient, kind.  A loving man with a caring heart.  A man who would never harm any child.  I would like to introduce you to David, my son.

David began to write a blog about his foster home.  This blog began with a statement about why he wanted to share his story with you, his readers.

Click [here] to be taken to David's page and read that statement.

 Click [here] to go to David's first blog post. Read along as this wonderful man, my son, tells about his life as a foster parent!

Writing about David in my blog
Reader Devin has warned me to stop writing about David in my blog. I cannot do that! My blog is the only way that I have even a splinter of hope to communicate with David.  I've consulted with an attorney about what I am writing in my blog, and that attorney reads my blog everyday.

I am hoping that David will somehow get on the internet and read my blog. Learn about his lawyer, Patrick Clancy.  And phone Patrick.

2PM - Pool sparkling clean!
I've got the pool to be free of algae. It took a bunch of Aqua Chem Liquid Chlorinizer, but it's done. Just take a peek at the pic below. Is that clean, or what?
Jorge at David's pool

11PM - Dear David,
This afternoon I swept up the leaves in front of your home. Down the driveway and along the curb. Afterwards, I hand watered the plants alongside the lawn and behind the mailbox. Everything looks nice, both in the front and backyards.

I went to Leslie's Swimming Pool Supplies and took a sample of your pool water for them to analyze.  They told me to add two cups acid, and after a couple of hours, add 1-gallon liquid chlorinizer.  This evening after the addition of this stuff, nearly all of the remaining green algae is gone from the pool walls!  I have the pool light on during the evening so that I may see how gorgeous the pool looks now.

When I think about where you are, I feel inside that you are close to me, and safe.  Another thing that I feel and believe, is that this challenge that you are up against is a blessing and a challenge from God.  Very much like my challenge with cancer.  When you overcome this challenge, you will be a new and better person, as I became a new and better person overcoming cancer.  Your perspective of life will then be filled with optimism and possibilities.  There will be no more bad days for you.  Only good and great days!

If you are reading this page, please phone lawyer Patrick Clancy 925-639-3158.
I've made arrangements for Patrick Clancy to represent you and be your lawyer.