Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Door is open

1PM - The door is open!
Since Sunday, September 19th when the police broke into David's home, the front door had been screwed closed.  The door frame was badly damaged.  I got tired of asking visitors to go down the porch stairs and enter thru the garage.  So, today  I pieced the broken door frame together and now the door opens, closes and locks.

David's neighbor has a son who is a finish carpenter.  His name is Cody.  Right at this moment, Cody is out looking for David's replacement door frame!

In the pic below you may see the wood floor that David installed himself, with his own hands!
David's door and David's floor

3PM - Good bye Mac & Cheesy
My son David has two cats. Mac & Cheesy are their names. Today is the time that it was decided for Mac & Cheesy to seek their fortunes at a new home! Cat boxes were used to hold Mac & Cheesy as we drove to the shelter. David wrote the text under this pic as it appeared in his blog, "Dave's Home".

In the pic below you see Mac & Cheesy on a better day in January, 2010.
As we went up to bed I spotted
Mac & Cheesy staring out into the dark.
The calm before the nightly kitten storm.
David - Sunday January 31, 2010

Note about the cats Mac & Cheesy: I phoned all the places around here that deal with cats. The place where the cats were taken this afternoon has the best chance of finding a good home for cats, according to the cat lovers that advised me.

11PM - Tomorrow I spill the beans!
Ever since the afternoon of Thursday, October 7th, the day that I learned that my son David was dead, I've been vacillating all over my emotional map. Wondering, wishing, grieving. Being angry, mad, confused.

The next day was Friday, October 8, 2010.  Early that Friday morning, before sunrise, I began to drive up into the Sierra Nevada range to make the arrangements for my now dead son.  The coroner who gave me David's stuff, the stuff that was with him when he died, gave me David's last note.  I've read that note a zillion times.  Reading, re-reading and reading again and again and again.  Trying to make some sense of it.

And finally, finally, finally, it came to me.  In tomorrow's blog I am going to spill the beans.  The words that I write tomorrow will be mostly about myself.  Not about David.  Because the mystery is not about David.  But about how David reached out to me from the great beyond, and let me know the score.