Friday, October 29, 2010


9PM - Garage Sale!
It is really crazy!  I've not been able to make a blog post until now!  And as you may see in the title to this post, it is 9pm!  Double wow with sugar on it!

This non-stop go! go! go! day began at 6:30am.  I went crazy fast all day long.  And it is really weird.  I really enjoyed myself.  What the heck happened to laid back Tioga George?

Want to see our CraigsList ad?  Hmmmmm? [link]

What has happened to Tioga and George?
That's a very good question.  And MsTioga and I want to tell you a secret.  This is something that nobody knows yet.  We have not told a soul.  But we are going to tell you now!

Can you keep a secret?   Hmmmm?  OK!  But you got to promise not to tell anybody, OK?  You promise?

Next year when MsTioga and I return to the USA during the spring time, we are going to begin to go places we have never been to before. Places we have not had the nerve to go before. However, now with the tragedy of my son David, we have renewed courage. Next year, we will begin searching for adventure as we have never searched before!

Stay tuned for more news!  Coming soon!