Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good news

5PM - Good news!
Since the day that David's home was raided by police on 19th September, my life has been a raging downward spiraling horror.  Since then, I have been constrained by requests, demands and restrictions of family members from writing almost anything about what was going on.  I was bound by  those restrictions from my usual openness here on my blog.  I am now free from those restrictions.

As you may know, I believe that being open is a primary source of emotional and psychological good health.  Being open allows a person with problems, to seek council from relatives, friends analysts and shrinks.  Without the support that I have received since the death of my son David, I would be an emotional wreck!  Luckily, I have soooooo many people who love me, care for me and have reached out to help me!

Being ashamed!
It is my firm belief, that being ashamed of whatever a person does in their life leads to despair and tragedy.  This includes things that others say about another person that are untrue.

Being ashamed serves no purpose whatsoever.  A person must be brave.  Face the challenges of life openly doing the very best that they are able.  That is the only way for us!

With that said about shame, I now write about David.  One of the truly great heroes that I have had the honor to know!  And that hero, that brave man, is my son!  Wow!  Can life get any better than that?  Hmmmmm?

9PM - Kids came over to visit!
Four hours have passed since the above 5pm post.  Anthony and Justin came over to visit.  They are two neighborhood kids who hung out at Dave's.  For  several years during the summer months, a bunch of kids hung out and slept over at Dave's.  Slept in the downstairs TV room.  Played video games.  Swam in the pool.  Dave was OK with them staying.  Anthony and Justin told me, "Dave was just one of the guys, but a grown up one of the guys."

Justin told me that Dave used to complain about the teenage friends devouring all his food.  But he was not too upset.  Dave loved all these guys staying over, using the pool and stuff.

Dave's passing has obviously created a huge hole in these kid's lives!  Anthony and Justin have just left a few minutes ago to go home.  They stayed talking to me all of that time!!  I think that they feel close to me, because I am Dave's dad.
Anthony and Justin
Neighborhood kids

PS: Yes, that is the 22 pistol on the table that David used to commit suicide. It arrived today in the mail from the Calaveras County coroner.