Tuesday, October 19, 2010


My son David loved to celebrate Halloween. It wasn't really Halloween itself that David loved. It was celebrating Halloween with his foster kids. David would get the kids all excited about getting the Halloween decorations down from the shelves in the garage. Laying the decorations out on the garage floor and having the kids choose where the stuff would be placed out in the front yard.

David loved to buy Halloween stuff, as you may see in this [link] from my blog post of October 30, 2009. Dave's front yard is filled with graves, headstones and wicked things!

Last nite I began putting out David's Halloween stuff.  There are no kids here now of course, so things are a little subdued around Dave's Home!  But I feel that if my son David could know what I've done for Halloween, that he would be a happy dude.

I'll be putting out more scary Halloween stuff this evening. After dark of course! So, don't be frightened!!
Halloween at Dave's Home
October 18, 2010

My shrink
Yesterday I had my first session with my shrink.  She seems to be a very experienced therapist located here in the City of Concord.  As you may remember, BART is providing mental health benefits for me as part of David's benefits package.  It's really a lucky thing for me, because I need a shrink!

In about 1/2 an hour, I go for my second therapy session.