Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Isn't there more for me to do

Isn't there more for me to do?
Today will make one week that I've been living at my son David's home waiting for him to return.  Everything is under control here.  I am paying the bills, taking care of the cats, the fish, the yard, the swimming pool.  Is there something more for me to do?  Something for David?

Yes!  There is something.  I am not writing in my blog what is really on my mind.  I have been cautioned against writing that kind of stuff by family members, attorneys, readers of my blog.  But, is this the time to be cautious?  The time to be timid?  To just do what?  Just wait?  And then what?  Wait some more?

9AM - Phoned the attorney
So far I've only talked to the attorney for David on the phone.  I have not met with him, face-to-face.  Just now, I phoned the attorney's cell phone and left a message asking for an appointment.  I want to talk with the attorney face-to-face about what I know and what I suspect.  I want to do something more than I have been doing so far!

3PM - David,
I met with your attorney Patrick Clancy this afternoon at his office in Walnut Creek.  To me he seems to be a fine man, highly experienced in the kind of legal issues that confront you now. Patrick advises you to come in right away. If you want to talk with Patrick privately, he is there for you. The phone number below is Patrick's cell phone which he carries with him all day and night.

Patrick advised me not to write anything in my blog about what I know, think, feel or believe about this matter.  Anything like that can be used against you.  The ONLY thing that you can do now, is to come in and meet with Patrick and let him guide you thru this terrible time in your life!  So, come in, David.  Come in right now!  Today!

7PM - Dear David,
I just filed a missing person report on you.  A Concord police department officer came here to your home to take that report.  After the officer left your home, I began to fill out an application to America's Mailbox, a mail forwarding and home base service located in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Ever since I began being a fulltime RVer in 2003, your address has been my address.  Now that you have disappeared, there is no denying that I must find a new place to receive mail, register to vote, etc.  I tried sooooo hard to avoid filling out these mailbox forms!  I thought to myself; "Just wait one more day, George!"  But, another day has come and gone, and now I have filled out those forms and my address will soon be changed.

How can this be happening, David?  How?


If you are reading this page, please phone lawyer Patrick Clancy 925-639-3158.
I've made arrangements for Patrick Clancy to represent you and be your lawyer.