Friday, October 22, 2010

Kids tears

Kid's tears
Yesterday afternoon one of David's foster kids came over to visit.  His name is "J" and his mom's name is "M".  J is eleven years old now.  When J left Dave's Home, he was only seven.  I believe that J was fostered by Dave for about three years.

J is a really great kid.  When I first met J, I liked him right off.  So did Dave!  Many of the foster kids who came to live at Dave's Home were troubled because of their home environment.  That's why they are foster kids, because their parents had trouble with drugs, criminal behavior or both.   But J was a good kid, and as far as I know, did not give Dave a bit of trouble.

When J and his mom M arrived, we sat in the TV room together on the big couches.  J sat near me on the smaller of the two couches.  I asked J to tell me what he remembered about living at Dave's home?  J did not answer me.  He sat on the couch not sitting straight, but sort of slumped down.  He was looking straight ahead, not at me.  And then the tears began to flow.  Big tears, streaming out of both eyes and rolling down J's cheeks.

Wow!  My heart was breaking for J.  Of course he could not even speak to me.  As you know, often when a person is overcome with this kind of emotion, their voice just doesn't work!

I reached out to hold his hand, and I felt his hand grip mine slightly.  He was looking down now, maybe a little embarrassed by his crying.  Kid's may not know how to handle grief and the accompanying emotions.

I suggested to mom M, that maybe it is a little too soon for J to visit at Dave's Home.  I only first found and contacted M last Monday to inform her about Dave's death.  And J had been so upset since his mom told him about Dave, that he was unable to go to school.  Maybe waiting for another week to go by before J returns to Dave's Home would be a good idea.

Kid's tears are hard  for me to take!

1PM - Mount Diablo camping!
I'm heading up to Juniper Campground on Mount Diablo. Son David spent his last nite up there at campsite #20. I am going to stay a site #20 too.

David has a ton of camping stuff here at his home. The car is loaded up, and I'm off to the mountain! See ya!
Juniper campground
Mount Diablo State Park