Monday, October 18, 2010

Last sunset

Last sunset
Do you remember a few days ago when I drove to Calaveras Big Trees Park to visit the place where David died?  The ranger who found David had just showed me the tree where David was sitting when this ranger found him.  The ranger told me that he had a theory about what time it was when David died.

"Of course it's just a guess", he told me.  "From the position your son was sitting when I found him, he was facing the direction where the sun sets."  He continued, "David must have been sitting here for quite awhile, because he had a backpack underneath his legs to raise his knees in order to be more comfortable."

"I believe that he picked this particular spot in order to watch the sun set for his very last time", the ranger told me.

Returning to Big Trees
I know now that I shall return to Calaveras Big Trees Park.  During April of 2011, MsTioga and I plan to return to the United States.  One fine day we will drive into the Sierra Nevada range.  And that day will likely be on September 20, 2011, the first anniversary of David's passing.  We will ask the rangers for permission to make a Camp on that tiny road where my son David died.

Before sunset, I will sit down in that spot, where David sat.  I'll make myself comfortable with my backpack under my knees and lean against that tree.  And I will watch the sun go down as my son David watched on that day when he went away forever.