Thursday, October 14, 2010

MsTioga safe in Mexico

MsTioga is safe in Mexico
MsTioga, as you may know, is staying in Mexico.   And I am in my son David's home in California.  MsTioga is under the protection of my Mexican friends, the Gonzalez family.  I left MsTioga in Mexico and went to California because my son David had disappeared.  I wanted to find David.  To learn why David went away and to help find him.

The Gonzalez family and I stay connected thru email.  After I learned that David had died, I sent the Gonzalez family an email to let them know that I would not be returning soon to MsTioga as I had planned.   I asked them to shut down Mr. Dometic, my refrigerator, remove all the food, and block open the doors to the refrigerator and freezer.

It is my duty and responsibility now, to take care of David's home and financial affairs.  And discharging that duty and responsibility will take time.  When I arrived at David's home on Wednesday, September 29th, I still believed that David was alive.  I expected David to return at any moment.  Give me a big hug, and ask me what I was doing here in his home?

Mac & Cheesy
Reader Keith sent me an email this morning suggesting that I post the name of the shelter where Mac & Cheesy were taken. Keith suggested that it would be great if one of my readers could adopt them!

Contra Costa County
Animal Services Department
4800 Imhoff Place Martinez, CA 94553
(925) 335-8300

Mac & Cheesy have Animal IDs. These IDs are: A628260 & A628262

PS: Is it possible that David is communicating from the great beyond thru Reader Keith in order to help Mac & Cheesy, whom he loved?

5:30PM - Just got home
I just returned home from meetings with David's employer and David's fellow employees. Eight hours worth of meetings! This was a great day for me, but extremely stressful. I am going to take a big nap, and then return to tell you what happened today. Some amazing things that I want to share with you.

Be back in a couple of hours.

10PM - That was a long nap!
Wow! I must have really needed to sleep. That was a very long nap!  Today was a very unusual day and I would like to share this day with you.

1.  The first unusual thing that happened was found inside an email from my friend Tracy.  You may know that Tracy is also a very close friend with my son David.  Tracy wrote in part, "I would like to propose that we do a gathering in Dave's honor on Saturday, November 6."  Man-O-Man!  A gathering in Dave's honor.  That is soooooo great!  Tracy proposed to have this party right here in Dave's Home.  Everybody who knows and/or loves Dave will be invited.  That means that a zillion people will be at Dave's party!

2.  The second unusual thing occurred when I got into David's car to go to the Concord BART station this morning.  When the GPS opened up, instead of a map, I saw David's on-screen address book.  I opened this address book and the first entry was BART administration in Oakland.  Exactly where I was going!

I felt at that moment that David had taken control of the car and wanted me to drive instead of taking the BART train as I had planned. I had made an appointment with Elaine, BART's human resources manager.  The car with the GPS knew exactly whrere to go!  I just followed directions!

3.  After my meetings with Elaine, BART's human resources manager, Randy, BART's senior benefits analyst and Margaret, BART's employee services representative; I asked to be shown David's office.  

Elaine walked with me to the engineering department where son David has worked for many years.  David's manager is Don, BART's chief engineer.  Don supplied the key to open David's office door.  For me to walk into David's office which was locked since David left work on September 16th, really blew me away.  I began to weep as all of David's co-workers looked on.

Very, very moving experience being in David's office.

4.  The final thing that happened today that really got to me, was to have lunch with Eugene, a former BART engineer and very close friend with my son David.  Eugene now works for CyberTran, a research and development company working on an advanced transit car system that operates with no driver.  We ate at a restaurant where David and his engineering department co-workers had eaten together a zillion times over the past twenty five years.

An angel on my shoulder
All day long today, I felt as if my son David was in front of me, urging me to follow him.  Making sure that I did not stray.  All these things that I described above are actual experiences of mine.  True miracles, as far as I am concerned!!