Saturday, October 02, 2010

No sleep for me

2AM - No sleep for me!
I've not gone to sleep since Thursday night.  I must buy some kind of sleep aid.  Like Nytol or something.  In my entire life, I cannot recall being awake for this long a time!  When the pharmacies open up later this morning, I am going out to buy something to help me sleep.

This staying up without sleeping is really strange for me.  All of my friends will tell you that I fall asleep soooooo easily.  Sometimes in the middle of a conversation, I'll drift off.  I cannot tell if I am in shock, traumatized or what?  I know one thing for sure, I've got a troubled mind.

I just am not able to get my mind around what happened to my son, David.  And I need assistance to know what I need to do now.  Everything is so up in the air.

11AM - What is happening?
I did get some sleep. From around 3am to 7am.  I feel OK now.

 My oldest friend is Dave Diamond.  We were both born in November, 1937. Dave is an attorney, although now he is retired. He practiced law for almost 50 years. I phoned Dave this morning to get his perspective of the challenges that I am faced with now.  When I first heard my friend Dave's voice, I started blubbering like a crying baby.  All my emotions poured out of me.  Took about 15 minutes to get control, and begin speaking normally without choking up!

Dave's first advice is  to take the mind-set that my son David will return home, address his legal problems and resume his life as before.  I have done that.

Swimming pool
Yesterday I worked on the swimming pool which had a lot of green algae in the water and on the pool wall.  In the pool supplies there is a bottle of stuff which reads, "Enjoy Clear, Perfect, Algae Free Water!"  I used this stuff, and it seems to be working.  Yesterday evening I used the pool brush to remove algae on the walls and steps.  And a scooper to remove leaves from the pool surface.

The automatic pool sweeper seems to be doing a marvelous job on the pool's bottom.  I took apart the sweeper's inline filter which was filled with leaves, and cleaned the filter up.  Seems to be working better now.

In order to add pool chemicals, the gallon capacity had to be calculated.  The pool is about 14' wide x 24' long with an average depth of 4.5 feet.  I used a 6.0 multiplier to go from cubic feet to gallons and came up with 9,000 gallons in the pool.

In my mind's eye I imagine that son David is right now reading my blog and is glad that I am looking after his home.

Internet connection
Since I arrived at my son David's home last Wednesday, I have been using an open WiFi access point from one of the neighbors.  David has his own WiFi router, but it was not connected.  A little while ago I got this router hooked up and connected to our internet service provider.

Made me feel nostalgic for the many times I was online right where I am sitting now at the kitchen table.  And my son David was here with me.  Oh Lord!  I miss him soooooo much!

4PM - Watering plants in backyard
Some of the green plants were looking in need of water in the backyard. So, I've spent some time watering with a hose.

 I carry my cell phone in my pocket hoping that the phone will ring, and I will hear the sound of David's voice again! His voice that I long so much to hear once more!

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