Monday, October 04, 2010

Third week

Third week!
Today begins the third week since my son David vanished.  Nobody knows where David is staying.  Not me, not his friends, nobody in the family and even the police do not know anything.

I am living here in David's home taking care of things until he returns.  I will see to it that David's bills get paid on time.  I'm taking care of the two cats, and the six fish in the beautiful aquarium.  I've told you about the swimming pool and taking care of the plants in the front and back yards.

Writing about David here in my blog is the only way that I am able to conceive of communicating with David.  A few readers have written criticizing my writing about David.  Some of my own family agree.  This kind of thinking believes that a low profile is the thing to do.  They want to keep private what is happening because writing in my blog about David reveals this tragedy to people in the neighborhood of his home, at his work, to all his friends and the public as well.

However, my blog is being read by the lawyers who are advising me.  And they see no harm from my writing.  Indeed, who else is giving support and encouragement to David, my son?  Only me.  Only me!   And of course, the many clear thinking readers of my blog!

Managing David's life
As you may imagine, managing my son David's life while he is not present is a complicated affair.  There are bills to be paid, and some bills not to be paid.  For example, David belongs to a tennis club.  Should the tennis membership be suspended?  The kid's daycare had to be contacted, asking for a closing bill.  Stuff like that.

My friend and lawyer who is also named David, advised me to keep a chronological log of everything that happens.  I am doing that.  The log comes in very handy.  It contains the phone numbers that I call, who I talk to, what happened, etc.  I need this log, because my memory is NOT good enough!

4PM - What's going on?
People that I know believe that this matter with my son David should NOT be written about in my blog.  I as you may guess, completely disagree.

The police will not tell me the nature of this incident.  They will not disclose anything.  I do know that whatever is behind the police doing what they are doing, that they did NOT have enough evidence to arrest David.  They simply wanted to talk to David.  When David chose not to go to the Concord police department to talk to them, a bench warrant was issued for David.

If David showed up right now with his attorney, the police would not be able to do anything.  For his own reasons, David chose not to talk to the police.  That is it.  So quit speculating.  Let's wait for David to come home and see what happens then.

5:30PM - Tracy comes to call
Tracy is a friend of David's.  She is a friend of mine as well.  Yesterday I phoned Tracy and asked to get together to talk.  I needed somebody who knows David to talk with.  Tracy lives close-by, and came over to David's home this afternoon to chat with me.

I must have talked Tracy's ears off.  There is a lot on my mind, and I let it all hang out.  Tracy is a good listener!  I am very glad that she is around for me.

7PM - Cat box
Slowly but surely, I am getting a handle on stuff that needs to be done around David's home.  There are two cats living here.  They are nocturnal creatures.  I don't see them all day long, and then as evening approaches, there they are.  David did not allow them outside.  They are inside cats.  So, they have a cat box.

I never even thought about a cat box before.  Never had to clean a cat box in my whole life!  It's pretty easy to clean a cat box, as probably you already know.  Using some kind of strainer shovel, you just dig thru the cat litter, and strain out the poop.  Took about a half hour of digging.  There was a lot!

I wonder why the cats didn't complain to me to clean their box?  The box was such a mess!  .

Dear David,
This afternoon I went shopping at the Safeway where you usually shop.  I'd gone shopping there with you soooooo many times before!  In my mind's eye, I could almost see you walking in front of me.  

Just as the moment came when you disappeared, I know that the moment will come when you will return.  And then I will hug you, and kiss your cheek, and look into your face, your eyes.  You will tell me where you were, what you did while away.  And why you went away.

Oh Lord, please make that moment come soon.

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