Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bummer time

11AM - Bummer time!
Well, Mr. HP and I are sitting in the lobby of the Holiday Inn Express in the City of Carpinteria.  We asked permission go use the WiFi here, and I am sipping on a cup of their coffee as I make this post.  This morning was a bummer time.  I had a run-in with people that I've known all of my life, and that time with them was a major bummer.  Without getting into details, there was a problem with me discussing Dave's suicide.  Toxic situation for me.  So, I bugged out and decided to write to you about that.

Hanging out
My plan is to get a room somewhere south of Carpinteria.  Don't know where yet.  Will check things out with Cheap Tickets, and make a reservation.  Then hang out for a day.  My sister is celebrating her birthday this week, and I want to make a connection with her.  Also, there are a ton of people who I want to connect with in Southern California.  Time for chilling out.

3PM - Best Western Oxnard
A few hours ago Mr. HP and I were in the lobby of the Holiday Inn Express in Carpinteria.  We tried to check into a room at this Holiday Inn Hotel.  However, the hotel's hot tub was not operating right.  It was only a warm tub.  So, we used the internet to hunt around for another hotel.

Finally, after several tries at various other hotels, including trying to make a reservation over the phone, we decided to use Cheap Tickets to make our reservation.

The reason for using Cheap Tickets on the internet is sort of funny.  The lady on the phone insists on repeating my email address by saying:
G as in George, E as in Echo, O as in Orange, R as in Red, etc, etc.  Only thing is, that she talks really fast and has some kind of a thick foreign accent.  Wow!   Impossible for me!

Anyway, we are now checked into Best Western.  The room is nice.  It is quiet here.  And the hot tub is hot!  You may see where we are by clicking on the map links below.