Wednesday, November 24, 2010


10AM - Breakfast with Dave Diamond
Our stay at the Holiday Inn Express was filled with drama and disappointment.  The first room I was in at this Holiday Inn had a heater which did not work.  The hotel provided a second room, and that heater did not work either!  The hotel provided a portable heater which contained a one-hour maximum timer.  This heater was too small to heat this room, and required me to get up during the nite to turn the heater on!  My request for a third room was refused.  Wow!  What a bummer!

In the morning I headed south on Interstate #405, the San Diego Freeway.  After picking up Dave Diamond at his home in Newport Beach, we went out for breakfast.  I always have a good time with Dave, who as you may know, is my oldest friend.

4PM - Laguna Hills and supper with Jacky
I'm staying in a Marriott Courtyard Hotel here in Laguna Hills. I've made a date with Cousin Jacky for supper. Jacky lives about a mile away in the Laguna Woods retirement community.

Tomorrow, Cousin Jacky and I are celebrating Thanksgiving at a family get-together.  I'll share all about that with you tomorrow!

Handling credit card disputes
Recently, as you may know, I have been traveling around staying in hotels.  I've been renting cars, flying in airplanes and charging many items to my credit and debit cards.  Often I've had to dispute a charge.

For example, recently I booked a one day stay at Country Inn of Ontario, California thru the Cheap Tickets online service.  The hotel could not provide internet service because that service was out of order.  I told the hotel that I would not stay there because I must be able to connect to the internet.

However, Cheap Tickets refused to reverse the hotel charge, even though I did not stay at the hotel.  This is standard procedure for merchants.  They all seem to take a hard-line approach to disputes.  This forces me to go to the credit card company for resolution.  Credit card companies also take a hard-line approach and have to be forced to reverse transactions that I've disputed.

Here is what I have done that has worked for me many, many times.  First I pay off the credit card balance, except for the disputed item(s).  After only the disputed items remain, I contact the credit card company asking for a supervisor to resolve the dispute.  The supervisor will always refuse to reverse the item in dispute.  I then inform that I will then cancel my credit card, and no longer use it for transactions.  The supervisor will then issue the credit that I've requested.

Interestingly, this method seems to work for all credit card companies.  I do not know why, but they have to be forced to resolve disputes in my favor.