Wednesday, November 17, 2010


7AM - What about email?
Today I plan to spend a good amount of time devoted to reading and replying to email.  I feel especially bad about not replying to many readers who wrote asking to be OKd for ShoutBox posting!

Right now I am behind in over 400 email.  It's going to take time.  I plan to answer every one of those email.

8:30AM - Breakfast at Jacky's
This morning on the way to Cousin Jacky's home for breakfast, I'll pickup some fruit.  I'm feeling the need for fruit salad!

After breakfast, I am heading south for San Diego.  Soon I will be spending some quality time with friend and support person, John P and his wife Mimi.

10AM - Day with Dave Diamond!
After breakfast with Jacky, Dave Diamond called on the phone.  He wanted to spend the day with me.  This is sooooo neat.  I love Dave, who is, as you may know, my oldest friend.  We have been friends since before we began grammar school together.

I am still planning to drive to San Diego today.  But will travel there late this afternoon.

Dave Diamond and I talked and talked and talked some more.  Much about my son Dave.  And also about my family stuff.

I only choked up one time today.  And that was while talking with Dave Diamond.  It was only for a few seconds, and no tears came.  Dave Diamond feels that emotions are like waves, diminishing as time goes by.  It has been 59 days since my son Dave died on September 20th.

5PM - San Diego!
Around 3pm we began driving south toward the City of San Diego, bound for Days Hotel located on the Hotel Circle along Interstate #8.  My friend Dave and Cousin Jacky told me that I am getting spoiled by staying at hotels during this trip.  I think it's true.  Especially because on this trip I've come to be addicted to soaking in hot tubs!  I always ask if there is a hot tub.  Won't stay at a place without a nice hot tub!