Friday, November 05, 2010


3AM - A miracle from God!
Tonite I decided to clean out my email saved copies folder. There were about 2,300 emails in my "Copies to self" folder. I began deleting these old emails, going back to September, 2009. Deleting the oldest ones first.  I would delete about 10 or 15 emails at one time.  Then I came across an email from my son, Dave!

I found dozens of emails from Dave there.  It was just like receiving these emails from Dave for the very first time!  I am now down to about 1,900 emails in this folder.  And I have had such a wonderful time reading those emails from my now dead son!  It is a miracle from God!  God has given me this fantastic gift.  I am sure of that!

It is now 3:45am.  My eyes cannot stay open.  As soon as I make this blog post, I am going upstairs to sleep. I feel sooooooo good!

4:30PM - Scattering of ashes
Dave's friends and family came together today at his home to tidy up for tomorrow's party.  We expect 50+ people at the party to celebrate Dave's life.

My friend, Dave Diamond who has been close to me for my entire life [I was best man at his wedding], suggested that poppy seeds be mixed into Dave's ashes.  That way poppies will bloom and grow where Dave's ashes lie.  Wow!  The thought of poppies growing amidst Dave's ashes is beautiful to me.

We will be doing the scattering at a special place just after my son Dave's celebration comes to a close.

I chose the pic below because both Dave and myself loved running rivers, especially the Wild & Scenic section of the Rogue River in southwest Oregon. Dave and I ran the Rogue perhaps 30 times together in the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

 Dave took groups of friends down the Rogue dozens of times.  Nearly all of those trips in the 1990s and 2000s, included his foster kids.
Dave on the Rogue River with a foster kid

8:30PM - Warming up the hot tub again!
I love that hot tub!  Last nite, I was in the tub soaking myself while talking on the cell phone to a friend.  Stayed in the tub for over an hour!  I always liked hot tubs.  Use the one at Big-C Athletic Club every time that I work out.

But Dave's hot tub!  Wow!  It's a lot better.