Sunday, November 28, 2010

Good bye George

1AM - Good bye George!
And welcome back, Jorge!  I am back living inside MsTioga.  The CD player is playing a Mark Knopfler [Dire Straits] album, "Shangri-La".  I love this album and have listened to it hundreds of times recently while traveling around California.  When I was cleaning up Dave's office about a month ago, I came across a couple of cardboard boxes filled with 100s of CDs.  "Shangri-La" was one of those CDs.

That is how things are now inside MsTioga.  I am surrounded by things that were Dave's.  Clothing.  An "American Tourister" rolling luggage bag.  The leather carrying bag that Dave carried back and forth from his job at BART.  I am using all of these things now.

There's more of course.  One of my favorite pics is of Dave, myself and son Joe that was taken on the day Joe graduated from college in 1997. That pic sits on top of my HP printer on the right side of the desk.  Just above the graduation pic, there is a pic of Dave and Pussle Cat.  A pic that I took myself.

Something is very strange. Since I arrived back at MsTioga, to me, Dave is not dead anymore!  To me, Dave is alive as he ever was alive.  Even though one afternoon a couple of months ago, I sat down with my back against that same tree where Dave sat down on his fateful afternoon.  Even though I did the arranging with the Calaveras County coroner for Dave's cremation.  To me, deep inside where my heart resides, my Dave is still alive!

Isn't that a fantastic miracle?  Hmmmmm?
Below: Dave, George, Joe, my Mom
Above: Dave and Pussle Cat

12 Noon - Buying nochebuena
In Mexico, poinsettias are called nochebuena [Spanish=have a good nite] The family all piled into their big red truck, and we went to the plant place [I am considered a part of the family!]. It's a big nursery which, because of the Christmas season, has stocked up with tons of nochebuena!

The family bought about 25 of these plants for a big celebration which is coming next Sunday at the González home. Their youngest child, Sabastian, is having his communion. A hundred relatives and friends are expected!
Mauricio, Sebastian, Monse, Edith

Many different color of poinsettias

4PM - Washing Señorita Tioga
Señorita Tioga is covered with dust! Using water from the González home, I first washed Tioga's roof. Then all the rest. Took 2-1/2 hours! I am glad that I am good shape, otherwise I'd be wiped out!
Jorge washing la Señorita
González home has the gates open