Monday, November 29, 2010

Heading out

Heading out!
Sometime this morning, MsTioga and The Team are heading our from the City of León.  We are heading for La Peñita RV Park located in Jaltemba, Nayarít on the Pacific coast.  La Peñita is 295 miles away.  So, we likely will not get there until Wednesday morning, December 1st.

MsTioga will have to move at WARP speed in order to get there by December 1st because her preferred daily distance is only 30 miles!

Today will be the first time MsTioga has headed out since September 28th, the day I flew out from the City of León for San Francisco, California to help my son Dave with what I thought then was only a legal problem.

9AM - Pemex for gasoline
Just after leaving the González family's neighborhood, we stopped at a Pemex gas station to fill MsTioga's tank. The price per liter has gone up. It is now 8.68 pesos per liter. My calculation is that this equals $2.45US/gallon. That seems pretty low!

Note:  Pemex' Magna is similar to regular gasoline in the USA.
Is this $2.45US/gallon?
Readers in Shoutbox write it's in the $2.60s

12 Noon - BBQ chicken
A really famous BBQ chicken chain in Mexico, is Pollo Feliz, which means Happy Chicken! Their chicken is soooooo good! I bought half a chicken, and paid $3.20US. The chicken came with a small salad, several corn tortillas and a bag of salsa.

In the pic below, I'm enjoying my Pollo Feliz feast. For lunch I ate everything but the breast, which I plan to eat for supper.
Pollo Feliz for lunch!

5:30PM - Nite Camped in Tepatitlán
MsTioga and The Team have found a nice Nite Camp in a residential neighborhood in Tepatitlán. Awhile back we crossed the border and are now in the State of Jalisco.

I've already taken a nice warm shower, and feel really clean!  The water heater worked great after those two months of not being used while I was in California.

9PM - Police knock on MsTioga's door!
Two police officers came calling. It seems that one of our neighbors phoned them saying that a suspicious vehicle is parked nearby. This is unusual, for Mexico. I cannot recall a neighbor calling police on MsTioga before.

The men were very polite. One spoke a little English. He told me he worked for awhile in North Carolina but had to return home because his mom was sick.

It's OK for us to stay here tonite. As they left, they wished me a good journey!