Thursday, November 18, 2010


9AM - Changing hotels!
Yesterday I checked into the Days Hotel. Not a bad hotel, but not a good one either. Since I'm staying in the San Diego area for three nites, it seemed to be a good idea to move to another hotel. So, I made an online reservation for the Ramada Hotel, only a short distance away from Days Hotel.

When checking in to the Ramada, the front desk could not find my reservation!  The guy at the desk told me that sometimes reservations do not come in for more than a day?  Wow!

So, I phoned Cheap Tickets and asked for help.  Cheap Tickets cancelled my Ramada reservation, and got me into the Handlery Hotel, located close to the Days Hotel, but on the otherside of Interstate #8.  In less than three hours, I changed hotels three times.  Double Wow with sugar on it!

12 Noon - Handlery Hotel
It seems as though hotels like to say "No" to requests rather than "Yes".  This sort of amazes me, since "Yes" is much more happy a word than "No".

Yesterday evening I went for supper at "Fuji Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi"  [Fuji link].  Fuji is very much like Benihana.  Guests sit around a large griddle and a Japanese chef prepares food on that griddle.  It is very entertaining to watch food prepared in this way.  My chef threw things around, and caught them to amuse us.  Our chef delighted in tossing a salt shaker into the air with a spatula, and catching it in his chef hat!

I ordered steak and salmon.  The food portion size is very large, and I only ate about half of it thinking that I would eat it the following day.  The Days Hotel had a microwave.  But the Handlery did not have microwave ovens in the rooms.  And, Handlery said "No!" to my request to warm my Fuji food in their restaurant microwave.

I was pretty disappointed about not being able to eat my delicious Fuji leftovers.  However, when I checked into my room at Handlery, I found a coffee maker there!   Wow!
Fuji leftovers
Where there's a will there's a way!

2:30PM - Heading for John & Mimi's home
I've just finished my Fuji leftover food, and it was absolutely wonderful!  I'd like to eat at Fuji's again sometime.  Now I will head east on Interstate #8, and go to John & Mimi's home.

You may remember that John P. has been one of my main support persons who helped me thru my son Dave's suicide.  John P and his wife Mimi are retired child psychologists.