Tuesday, November 16, 2010


10AM - Cousin Jacky
This morning I drove out from Burbank, California where yesterday I spent much of the day with my lovely niece, Alisa.  Today I have a date to spend the day with my cousin Jacky.  We are going out for breakfast!

During the afternoon, my oldest friend, Dave Diamond drove to Jacky's home.  The three of us enjoyed our time together talking about a zillion things.

Jacky prepared a delicious roast beast, which we shared together for supper.

8PM - A bit bummed out!
I would love to be able to tell you that everything is going great. In fact, not everything is going great.  Some of the people that I associate with are not 100%.  And these people weigh on me.  I try hard to shake off the effect of these meetings, and am not always able to so.

It is a VERY difficult thing for me to realize and accept that I must be very careful with whom I come into contact at this time.  Although I seem to be a strong person, I am vulnerable because of the trauma done to me as a result of my son Dave's suicide.

Unfortunately, I must stay away from and avoid contact with several people and this avoiding is a very difficult thing for me to do.  I crave closeness with people, and need that closeness sooooooo much!

10PM - The rest of the story!
After the 8pm post above, I phoned John P. and Pete O., two of my major support persons.  These two guys and my old friend Dave Diamond have helped me sooooo much since my son Dave's suicide.  I phoned these two while soaking in the hot tub at the Laguna Hills Lodge where I am staying the nite.

Now I feel so much better!  Friends!  What would I be without my friends!

Note: John P., who is a child psychologist, shared with me that many people are unable to deal with listening to others talk about a suicide.  This subject is over the top for some people, and they seek to avoid contact with persons, such as myself, who want to be open about this subject.  Especially open about my own son's suicide.