Saturday, November 20, 2010

John and Mimi2

John and Mimi
I am visiting in San Diego this trip, for one special reason.  To spend time with my friends John and Mimi!

You may have read about John and Mimi many times in my blog stories.  We met first around 2005.  John wanted to be an RVer, and tuned into my blog.  Over several years, I was invited to Thanksgiving suppers at their home.

During the crisis following my son Dave's suicide, I turned to John and Mimi for emotional support.  Both John and Mimi are retired psychologists.  Their many years of work in this field and their willingness to listen to me during my days of grieving and despair helped me when I needed help most.

John and Mimi's backyard is undergoing a massive change.  The old swimming pool has been filled in, and a lovely backyard with garden is evolving.  On this trip, John has been working hard to cover his new back yard with gravel!
John moving gravel

John dumping gravel

Mimi - Thanksgiving 2009

3PM - George without Tioga!
A few readers wonder how George gets along without Tioga!  Are you wondering too?   Hmmmmm?

Well, first of all Mr. HP, Little Mavicita and George have been driving in a Toyota automobile.  That is how we get around from place to place.  We like this Toyota, which has a bright red color and looks to us like a very spiffy car!  We have been staying hotels each nite.  A lot more expensive than staying inside MsTioga.  However, offsetting our rent-free MsTioga life, is the fact that Tioga only gets about 6.5 miles per gallon.  She is very expensive to drive!  So, it is actually cheaper to rent this Toyota and stay in hotels, compared to driving Tioga.  Hard to believe, but true!

We are staying the nite in the Rancho California Inn located in the City of Temecula.  We had a reservation for the Motel-6 next door.  However, Rancho California has a hot tub, and Motel-6 does NOT have a hot tub.  Enough said about that!  

Short distances each day
You may have noticed that we drive very short distances each day, or remain in one area for a few days before moving on.  As you may know, this is how MsTioga and I have been traveling for years.  We like this slow way of traveling!

7PM - Over half an hour to leave off a prescription!
I went to CVS pharmacy here in Temecula to leave off a prescription for FloMax, a treatment for BPH. The pharmacist clerk worked on entering the prescription into his computer for over half an hour!

"What is going on?", I asked. "What are you doing clicking your computer keys so much?" He replied, "The DEA requires a lot of information now!" [DEA = Drug Enforcement Administration]

This employee of CVS is an assistant to the pharmacist.  He told me that he must go to classes in order to keep up with DEA's changing rules and guidelines for data required when a prescription is dropped off.  For the past two weeks, he has attended a DEA training class each week!

What a mess this is for people leaving off prescriptions!

Cost to travel with MsTioga!
Reader Diugo wondered in ShoutBox how much it costs to travel with MsTioga. In 2009 we had a problem with Mr. Datastorm's transmitter and returned to California driving MsTioga.

 This trip began on Saturday, October 17, 2009 and ended on our return to Aticama, Mexico on Monday, December 14, 2009.  About 58 days for the entire trip and total cost was $4,402 or $134/day.

Traveling with MsTioga costs a bundle!

Now compare that 2009 trip in MsTioga to my present 2010 trip driving a rented Toyota full size auto and staying in hotels each nite.  This 2010 trip began on Friday, November 12, 2010.  Thru today, November 20, 2010,  the total cost is $1,698.  Nine days in all or $189/day.

Our 2010 Hotel/Toyota Trip will end on November 27th when we fly back to MsTioga in Mexico.