Saturday, November 06, 2010

Just another day without you

¡Es sólo otro día sin su!
We need music for Dave's Celebration Party!  Several weeks ago, Pedro Fuentes, one of Dave's longest staying foster kids, came over to show me how to use the stereo and integrated cable TV system.  So, this morning the music system cranked up!  There are six speakers, all placed around the perimeter of the TV room.  When we sit on the couch, we are immersed in music.  Dave treated himself right!

There are a ton of CD albums here. I picked one at random.  The words came out, covering the room with sound.  "Es sólo otro dia sin su" [It's just another day without you].

Hmmmm?  I thought to myself, "How prophetic!".
Dave and mom in Yosemite

Dave's Monty Python skits were great!
Dave and I started running whitewater rivers together in 1977. Dave was then only in his 12th year. He was a real kick! Dave had memorized all of the "Monty Python" skits. During supper he would perform those skits using his British accent.  I would be going crazy laughing.

I have such wonderful memories of my son, Dave!

3AM - Who can sleep on party day!
At 3am, my feet were cold.  It seemed like a good idea to warm my cold feet in the hot tub!  I just love that hot tub!  Last nite I phoned my cousin Jacky from the hot tub.  Do you remember Jacky from our 2008 Israel trip?   Jacky and I talked about an hour, while my feet warmed themselves in the hot tub.

The day before, I phoned Reader John from the hot tub.  He lives in the San Diego area.  John is also a very close friend, and a retired child psychologist.  Talking to John is therapy for me.  He is really good!
Dave's computer store - 1985
Walnut Creek, California

7PM - 92 Celebrated Dave's Life!
It was a big surprise to count 92 people here celebrating my son Dave's life. Everybody had a great time. The BBQ beef and chicken was very good. A zillion people shared their feelings with me about Dave.

Even so, this party was a somewhat somber thing for me. I took a bunch of pics. And now that the party is over, I am not excited to look at those pics and share them with you.

Dave's mom left a few minutes ago. And as she went away advised that now may be a bad time for me. I should be prepared.

How do I prepare for this?