Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Last Halloween

The Last Halloween!
It is a certainty in my mind, that when my son Dave celebrated Halloween about a year ago on October 31, 2009, he never imagined that it would be The Last Halloween that he would ever see and enjoy!  When Halloween 2010 arrived, my son Dave did not exist anymore.  There were no more foster kids! I set up some of the Halloween displays this year, as Dave had done himself for many past years.  But doing it was really a somber event for me.

In fantastic contrast, Halloween 2009 was a very lucky Halloween for me!  I was staying at Dave's home that day, and enjoyed that last .Halloween with my son Dave and his foster kids.

Click [here] to go to Dave's blog post for Halloween 2009.

Look at the pic in Dave's Halloween blog post.  Click on the pic to make the pic big.  Do you see the joy on Dave's face?  Man-O-Man!

A terrible lesson
My post about son Dave, "The Last Halloween", is a terrible lesson for me.  In truth, it is a terrible lesson for all of us.  And in my mind, there are two lessons here.

One lesson is to have a goal to fully enjoy each and every day of our life.  Do not take any day for granted.  Halloween may never come again!

The second lesson may not be apparent to you.  But to me, it is as clear as clear can be!  When troubled, we must seek out our friends.  We must ask for help.  We are not alone.  There are those who care.  Seek out those who care.  Tell them your troubles.  Pour your heart out to them.

Life is such a precious thing.  Do not let your life slip away.  Be courageous.  Have faith in yourself.  Believe in yourself.  Know that if you never give up, that you will overcome.  That your life will be a blazing success.  All you have to do is believe.  Just simply believe!

Oh Lord!  Why is that so hard to do?