Saturday, November 27, 2010

Leon Mexico

Flying back to Mexico!
This morning at 8:45am, Continental #1890 takes off from John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, California.  I'll be flying back to MsTioga in Mexico!

My friend Mauricio González is picking me up at the Del Bajio International Airport west of the City of León at 5:20pm.  It will feel good to be back home again!

September, 2010 Trip Plan
I just took a peek at my 2010 Trip Plan which has remained unchanged since its September, 2010 posting.  The last line of that Trip Plan post reads:

Where our September journey will end is a mystery! Might depend on the weather! 

Wow!  When I wrote that Trip Plan post back in early September, I had not a clue to the irony of my words.  Son Dave was still living his great life back then.  And I was blissfully ignorant of the terrible days to come.  Not in my wildest imaginings, could I have predicted that the last day of September would find me living in my son Dave's home in the City of Concord, California.

There was no Dave home on that last day in September.  Unknown to me then, was that my son Dave at that very moment lay in Calevaras Big Trees State Park in the Sierras of California, waiting to be found.

7:45AM - McDonald's at the airport
It's an hour before my 8:45am flight from John Wayne Airport in California to the transfer airport in Houston, Texas. McDonald's at the airport sold me a Sausage McMuffin and an OJ. Not bad tasting too!

John Wayne Airport has free WiFi. As I type this post, advertisements are flicking across Mr. HP's monitor at the top of the screen. Those ads are what makes this WiFi free. Pretty clever!

2:30PM - George Bush Airport/Houston, Texas!
Perfect flight from California to Texas.  Because the transfer train at George Bush Airport never leaves a secure area, I did not have to go thru TSA security.  What a treat!  I am soooooo slow in taking off my shoes.  People behind me go nuts because I am too slow.

At 3:15pm I board Continental #2232 which arrives in León, Guanajuato, Mexico at 5:20pm where MsTioga has been waiting patiently for me to return since late last September.

8PM - Mr. Datastorm coming at you!
Hi Everybody! This is Mr. Datastorm coming at you from the City of León, Guanajuato, Mexico. MsTioga and I are sooooooo happy to see Jorge, Little Mavicita and Mr. HP back in Mexico again.

So far, everything is working great. Mr. Dometic started right up and his freezer is getting really cold. It will take several hours for Mr. Dometic's fridge to cool down. But that is normal.

A couple of Mr. Sunny's batteries were a bit low in fluid. Also, the engine starter battery was very discharged. We used our battery charger to recharge the starter battery. After the engine starter battery was completely charged, MsTioga's engine fired right up!
Jorge & MsTioga-together again!

The González family
My friends the González family picked us up at the airport. What neat people! I am soooooo lucky to have friends like these!

Edith González prepared for me a toasted smoked salmon sandwich that was sooooooo good! \
Mauricio, Edith, Monse, Sabastian & Jorge