Tuesday, November 23, 2010


10AM - Lianne, Kevin and Jack!
Today we are going to visit niece Lianne, here wonderful husband Kevin and their adorable son Jack.  This a special event for all of us, because we have hardly spent any time together since Lianne and Kevin's wedding in 2003.

On the way over to their City of Santa Monica home, I dropped by where I used to live in West Los Angeles.  You may recall during my trip yesterday, I drove by all of my other homes to flash my son Dave's pics.  [Read yesterday's post to understand what and why I was doing this pic flashing].
9323 Duxbury Road
Our home - 1974 to 1976

Note: We bought our Duxbury Road home for $76K and sold it two years later for $130K. Duxbury Road now is valued on Zillow for $1.25 million!

12 Noon - Tavern Restaurant
We all went out for lunch at the Tavern Restaurant, relatively high end place located in the Brentwood area of West Los Angeles. I had a delicious burger that was sooooooo big!

2PM - Back at the house
We returned to Kevin and Lianne's home. On the way we picked up their adorable son, Jack [who I now love like crazy- because he is so very cute!]. Jack showed me his favorite video game, "Righteous Quest".
Kevin, Jack, Lianne, George