Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sea Change

Sea change!
It appears that a sea change in my life is in the making. The event of my son Dave's suicide brought into clear focus that my future is an unknown.  Plans although important, are not facts to be counted upon.  Yes, I was aware before Dave passed away of these things.  However, I took for granted that some things could be counted upon in my future.  This turned out to be BS.

I've noticed that my relationships with others is in the process of changing.  I used to travel along in MsTioga, visiting people along the way.  Rarely would I stay in contact with these people until I suddenly appeared where they live.  That kind of relationship seems not to be enough for me now.  It will be interesting to find how this change will affect me and the people that I know.

The quest for achieving my Values and Goals [link] has been renewed with amazing vigor and success!  I am amazed.  There were some goals that before Dave's passing I could not achieve.  For example, the goals in my Health value.  "#5 To never over eat"  I just could not get #5 down!  Most all of the other Health value goals too!  They just escaped me.  Now I seem to be achieving all of these goals.

From where did this insight that led me to my sea change come? Well, you may surprised that much of it came from my children. Much from my son Dave, who lived a high class life. After Dave died and I lived in his home, I saw how he lived and how he behaved. I wanted to be like him!

Note:  I cannot write about my other son here in my blog, because my other son does not want to be exposed here in my very public blog.

11:30AM - Breakfast Camped on toll road
MsTioga and I decided to take the toll roads.  We usually do not take toll roads, because we miss so much.  We prefer to take the much slower and single lane free roads because the free roads take us to all the places where the Mexican people live. However, on this trip we have a deadline.   We must return by Wednesday morning in order to make our United Air Lines flight at 4pm in Puerto Vallarta.  MsTioga is staying at La Peñita RV Park in Jaltemba, Nayarit while I fly back to Dave's home in California for two weeks.

On the way to this Breakfast Camp, MsTioga stopped at Z-Gas station to fill her propane tank.  While at the Z-Gas station, I got to talking to Jesus, the guy filling the tank.  He wanted to practice his English on me.  Jesus spoke English pretty good.  I gave Jesus a 1/2 bag of potato chips that I bought yesterday.  I don't need potato chips anymore!

3:15PM - Hi Baby Boid!
As we approached the Town of Magdelena, everybody on The Team got all excited.  Because this is the place where we last saw Baby Boid!  That was on the 25th of April, 2009.

Little Mavicita looked out thru MsTioga's window and said, "Maybe Baby Boid will see us, and fly over to say hi!"  Mr. Dometic peered out thru his grill cover, searching for Baby Boid.  MsTioga said, "I really loved that Baby Boid".   And George said, "I miss  you Baby Boid!".
Boid on the morning of his last day in MsTioga

Note: Click [here] to read about Boid's last day.

5PM - Pueblo of Chapalilla
MsTioga pulled into what appears to be a sports field in the Pueblo of Chapalilla. Here is where we will make our Nite Camp.

 The elevation in Chapalilla is about 2,900 feet. It is a lot warmer here than in the City of León.
Jorge and MsTioga in Chapalilla