Thursday, November 04, 2010


12 midnite - Dave's spa
Just past midnite, I went into Dave's spa.  The temperature of the spa is set to 92°F, a very comfortable temperature!  The air temperature is 71°F.

I've watched hundreds of times as my son Dave sat in his spa.  He loved to soak in the spa before going to bed.  Most evenings during Dave's final year, Dave worked in his office on BART legal reports for the following day.  Those legal reports were tough on Dave, and I believe that soaking in the warm waters of his spa were like a tranquilizer for him.  Bringing him calmness after the rigors of those legal reports.

Tonite I sat in the spa, and gazed out at the view that Dave had seen, those many nites when he enjoyed his spa.

Good nite, Dave.


The pic below was taken by Dave looking at his spa on November 2nd, 2009. Such a short time ago. So much has happened since then. Click [here] to go to Dave's blog on November 2nd.
Dave called this pic
Moon over hot tub
November 02, 2009