Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful for what I have2

Thankful for what I have!
In my wildest dreams of the future of my life, I never even came close to imagining Thanksgiving Day 2010.  Never could I conceive of a Thanksgiving where I would not be able to be with or phone my son Dave.  Tell him that I love him.  Share with Dave what I am doing for Thanksgiving and listen to him tell me his plans for his Thanksgiving.

Now, I have come to know and get my mind around, that my future with my son Dave will be the memories Dave shared with me of times gone by.  In my blog post for Thanksgiving, 2009 I wrote:

"My Son Dave is having a big party today. His huge table set for his kid guests. [link] I was wishing that I was there, instead of here. It is soooooo easy to fall into that kind of thinking. But writing here to you, reminds me of all that I have!"

The Lord God Almighty, has set before me this Thanksgiving, 2010, a great challenge.  I must today live up to my understanding of Thanksgiving, 2009.  I must remind myself of all that I have!

But Lord God, it is soooooooo hard.  Soooooooo very, very hard!

Thanksgiving 2009 note: 
 My son Dave posted about his Thanksgiving in 2009 over three separate blog posts. Be sure and look at all three pages in order to understand what a great party Dave put on for what was to be, his very last Thanksgiving! [link]

1:30PM - Thanksgiving party!
I picked up my cousin Jacky and her daughter Becky at Jacky's home.  Jacky drove my rental car to the place of our Thanksgiving party.  Jacky would not let me drive, because as everybody in the family says, I drive too slow [like an old man!].

The Thanksgiving party is at Stacy's home.  Stacy is the daughter of my cousin Lloyd [Jacky's brother].  Stacy's occupation is a chef.  And when we sat down to supper, I was to find out that Stacy is a fabulously wonderful chef.

The turkey was among the very best that I've ever had the pleasure of eating.  The turkey was soooooo moist and soooooo delicious.  Stacy told me that she soaked it in a brine bath for eight hours, and that is why the meat was so moist and delicious.  Also wonderful, was a ham from Farmer John of Vernon, California.  And the mashed potatoes were perfect.  The stuffing was perfect too!

There were fourteen of us at this Thanksgiving feast.  All family.  My son Dave gave me the perspective to not let one more year go by when I fail to be with my family.  Wow!   I am sooooooo lucky to have gotten that perspective.

I forgot to bring Little Mavicita to the Thanksgiving party.  So, I was unable to take pics.  Wow!  I am very disappointed with myself about that.

I am hoping to receive pics taken by others at the party to show you who was there. And I did! Friday morning the pic below arrived from Doug!
All of us at Stacy's Thanksgiving table!

Starting with me and going counter clockwise:
George, Claudia Degelman (Kerry's mom, Ava's grandma and Robin's younger sister), Robin and Lloyd Lehrer, Alysse Castro (older daughter of Robin and Lloyd), Jacky Garren (sister to Lloyd and mother of Becky) , Kristie (Joey's girlfriend), Joey Banuelos,  Becky Garren (Joey's mom), Stacey (our hostess and chef-younger daughter of Robin & Lloyd), Steven Moore, Ava (2 years old, daughter of Steven and Kerry), Kerry.  Missing is Doug Degelman, the photographer and husband of Claudia and baby Natalie Moore, 4 weeks, latest addition to Kerry and Steven.

Son Dave's 2009 Thanksgiving party
You may be amazed to learn, that before right now, I never really read about my son Dave's 2009 Thanksgiving party.  But I read it just a little while ago [It is 2:47am right now - November 26 - the day after Thanksgiving 2010].

I am so very thankful that Dave made these blog posts.  Dave did not know when he recorded his Thanksgiving 2009 posts, that he was recording his very last Thanksgiving.  For those of us who loved Dave, the memories which these four separate Thanksgiving 2009 blog posts recorded, are a great gift from God [link].