Monday, November 15, 2010

Thinking of Dave

Thinking of Dave
You may have noticed that in my post to you yesterday, I did not mention my son Dave!  Yesterday's post may have been the first time since Dave's tragedy began for me on September 23rd, where I did not write about him.

Dave is never far from my thoughts, however.  I am carrying with me, eleven pics of Dave, and these pics are very comforting for me to look at.  Also, I have a CD prepared by Dave's friend Heidi, which is titled; "In Memory of David Lehrer."

9AM - Breakfast with Alisa
My sister's oldest daughter is Alisa.  She was born three days before my marriage in 1963.  Alisa has always been a really neat person.  Even as a kid, Alisa was special to me.

This morning Alisa and I are going out for breakfast together. This breakfast is such a treat for me! It has been years since we spent much time together.  We have MUCH more to talk about than the time at breakfast will allow.  So, I am staying overnite in the City of Burbank where Alisa lives.

Alisa and I have a date for supper this evening.

Behind on email!
I am further behind in my email reading and replying than ever before since I began blogging in 2003!  I especially am sorry to tell you that I am also behind on reader's requests to be able to post in ShoutBox.

I am trying hard though!  Maybe things are calming down a bit lately allowing me to catch up?

3PM - Tujunga Canyon
Thirty four years ago a big change was happening in my life. In May, 1976, I bought a sandwich shop restaurant located in the Embarcadero area of San Francisco.  As a result, my immediate family would move from our home in West Los Angeles to our new home in Walnut Creek, California.

My Father, Daniel Lehrer, had died in 1973.  My Father's ashes remained since his death, in my West Los Angeles home.  Now that we were moving to the San Francisco Bay area, I felt that a decision to scatter my Father's ashes had to be made.

During the 1930s thru the 1960s, my Grandmother [my Dad's Mom] had owned a cabin in the Trail Canyon area of Tujunga Canyon in Southern California.  Many happy memories for our family happened at that cabin.  I decided to scatter my Father's ashes at the highest rise of the tiny dirt road that led to the cabin.

This scattering happened on July 4th, 1976.  My niece Alisa's home in Burbank is pretty close to Tujunga Canyon.  So, I decided to drive up this afternoon to my Dad's scattering place once more.  I had to walk up the dirt road, because there is a closed gate across road's entrance.  A sign read that the road was closed to protect the area.  A fire, the sign further explained, had made the area very fragile.

I gave my Father a nice ceremony this afternoon.  In my loudest and deepest voice, I called out my Father's name ten times.  It was like a ten gun salute!.

"Daniel Lehrer" rang out over the canyon ten times!

My Father's name was followed by, "May God bless you!".
Daniel Lehrer's resting place

Note: If you click on the Google Earth link below, you will Google-fly to the exact place where my Father's ashes remain!