Friday, December 31, 2010



P.S. 2010 really Sucked!
The final page of my son Dave's suicide note contained only these words:
"P.S. 2010 really Sucked!"

Is this an explanation?  Excuse? Rationalization? Who knows?  For me, 2010 was the year my son Dave took his own life.  I will never forget this year.  In time, maybe 2010 will grow dimmer in my mind.

I believe that it took a lot of courage to do what Dave did.  He truly believed that the end he chose for himself was for the best.  I would not have chosen that end for myself.  But I am not Dave.

I believe that each of us must find our own way. Did Dave find his way?  Or did Dave escape having to find his way?  There are some fine people who believe that we must repeat our lives here on Earth until we get it right.  I do not know if this is true.  But in my mind, this is a beautiful thought.  And I hope that it is true.  That we must repeat our life, over and over, until we get it right.  This would mean to me, that Dave will have another chance to get his life right.  This thought gives me comfort.

The highest priority in my life is:  "To know myself completely".  This priority I define as: "Knowing why I do, every thing that I do".  After completing my 73rd year of life, I am still working at knowing myself completely.  I have a feeling however, that I am getting pretty close to that knowing!

I wish you a Happy New Year.  I am hoping that you and your family find 2011 to be your best year yet!

New Year Party!
We will be celebrating the coming of the 2011 New Year at Weng & Francisco's Hill Top Home!  I am bringing two Pollo Asado [BBQ chickens] and a bunch of juice.

At the party, are two friends of mine; Weng and her best friend, Juanita.  It may be hard to believe that these two ladies who are young enough to be my daughters, are my friends.  However, it is true!
My friends - Juanita and Weng