Thursday, December 02, 2010

Back at Dave's home

Back at Dave's home
Yesterday, Wednesday evening, I got back to Dave's home around 9:30pm.  It took 3-1/2 hours to fly from Puerto Vallarta in Mexico to San Francisco in California.  Interestingly, it took about 3-1/2 hours to go from San Francisco airport to Dave's home using BART, then a taxi from Concord BART to Dave's home.

About 1-1/2 hours were spent at baggage claim.  Seems my bag was stuck on the wrong belt, and was spinning around about 100 yards from where I was waiting for my bag to arrive.  Hmmmmm?

Note: BART is the Bay Area Rapid Transit.

Betwixt and between
There is no doubt that I'm happiest living and traveling in MsTioga.  However, now that I am back in Dave's home, I find that I am really happy here too!

I have taken to eating meals with a pic of Dave out on the table.  There is one pic that I really love.  Maybe I care for this pic because Dave appears to be in the midst of talking, and he is looking right at me!  The pic is big too.  8"x10"

While eating, I ask Dave's pic questions.  Funny thing. I "feel" Dave's answers!  Wow!.
My son Dave!