Thursday, December 09, 2010

Back home

12 Noon - Back home!
Being home is wonderful!  Paul Gouveia, my friend from the American Legion picked, me up at the hospital and drove me back to Dave's home.  My doctor does not want me driving because only yesterday I was anesthetized.

Although I'm not having too much pain, it seems I am walking tentatively.  Maybe that's because I have a catheter bag strapped to my right leg?  Hmmmm?  First time in my life that I've ever had a catheter.  Got to keep an eye on that bag, to make sure it does not over flow!

Doctor Steven Young, who did my surgery, says that everything looks fine.  It's great to have this hernia repair behind me.

Blog posting on my iPod
After my surgery, I wanted to blog post to you and let you know that my operation went well.  All I had with me though, was my iPod.  The hospital provides free internet access, so I went online and tried to make a blog post.

It turned out that the Safari browser that comes with the iPod, does not handle Blogger very well.  I was stymied for awhile, in making a blog post.  Then I figured out how to make a ShoutBox post.

It took about an hour longer after the ShoutBox post to make a Blogger post on the iPod! But I managed a small post yesterday to tell what happened with my surgery. I believe that yesterday was the first time that I ever made two separate Blogger posts on the same day. Came out OK though.