Monday, December 06, 2010


10AM - Going to BART headquarters
This morning I've an appointment at BART [Bay Area Rapid Transit] to pick up stuff from my son Dave's office.  Dave began working in the engineering department at BART in 1985.  When he died, one day before his 46th birthday, he had 25 years seniority and was the Division Manager of Research & Development.
George in Dave's office
BART Headquarters - October, 2010

11AM - David Lehrer's Personal Effects
I am feeling a bit bummed out because I am returning with two boxes of my son Dave's stuff from his office.  Each box had a printed paper sign, "David Lehrer's Personal Effects". Man-O-Man!  I'm returning to Dave's house with his "personal effects!"

Twenty five years of work!  Personal effects!  I guess that I was feeling sorry for myself as I was driving down Highway #24.  Ahead of me was a gorgeous view of Mount Diablo, where Dave wrote his suicide note.  I said to myself, "Well, I am not going up there again soon!"

Just as I said this to myself, something caught my eye on the left side of the highway.  There was a hill there covered with crosses.  Immediately I knew that these were symbolic grave markers for the war.  It came to me that the parents of those kids who died in the war did not have 46 years with their now dead kid as I did. They only had 18, 20, maybe 26 years before their kid was killed.

I went off the freeway and doubled back to those grave markers.  I knew in my heart that God had sent me a message!
Grave markers - kids killed in the war

Mount Diablo where Dave wrote his suicide note