Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Removing catheter
If you are ever catheterized for a prostate condition and asked to remove the catheter yourself, don't be worried. I was worried for nothing! It's easy to remove!

The pic below shows the balloon working-end of a catheter. The balloon is pumped up with water which then opens whatever urine flow restriction is present.  Releasing this pumped up water is done by cutting a small tube at the bottom of the catheter allowing the balloon to collapse. The catheter is then easily withdrawn. No pain at all.
Balloon section of catheter

Too Much Information
My friend "tgt" posted in ShoutBox that she is receiving "Too Much Information" from me.

I only write about stuff that is happening.  Right now, medical stuff is happening.  Prostate problems are happening.  Hernia operation just completed last Wednesday.  Pain is happening.  This coming Thursday, a Cystoscopy is happening.

Do you know where the doctor looks during a Cystoscopy?  Up my "You Know What!"

Suggestion:  Tune out for a month.  Come back then, and maybe I will be writing about life in Aticama, Mexico, and hanging out with my friends who live in that little Mexican pueblo.

Until then, be prepared to read here about what is going on in my life.

4PM - "...this end is for the best"
In Dave's final message to us, his suicide note, he wrote in part, "I'm very sorry that I'm putting you through this, but I truly believe that this end is for the best".

Almost every day I read a little of Dave's blog because it makes me feel closer to him.  Last February 2nd Dave wrote a post where he quoted from the movie, "Groundhog Day" [link].

Dave had a wonderful memory. When we went on river trips when he was a teenager, Dave kept me laughing by quoting of funny lines from movies.  Dave loved to mimic Monty Python!

I wonder now, what happened to that happy person who quoted movies and mimicked Monty Python?  What terrible things happened that brought him to write, "...this end is for the best?".