Sunday, December 12, 2010


9AM - Gentle, dependable relief
My bottle of "Genuine Phillips Stool Softener" reads, "Genuine, dependable relief".  This morning begins the 5th day since my hernia repair operation.  As I was checking out of the hospital last Thurday, my nurse advised, "Buy the least expensive stool softener laxative.  They are all the same".

So, I bought Genuine Phillips, because I've heard the brand name before. But it's now 5-days since Mr. Toilet and I have been friendly.  5-days!  Wow!

I am not taking anymore medication for pain.  My last Hydrocodone 10 mg for pain was taken yesterday morning at 6am.  This morning I'm going back to the pharmacy to see what other remedies are sold there for this problem.

Showers are OK, no baths
My surgeon advised me, not to take baths after my surgery.  Doctor Steven Young, FACS told me, "No baths for several weeks, because my surgical glue bandages and sutures could be dissolved by the bath water".    Doc Steven went on, "It's OK to take a shower, however".

This morning will be my first shower.  I've been extra careful and only doing sponge baths until today.

Taking things for granted
Ever since I was treated for non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer with chemotherapy in 2002, I have not taken my health for granted.  Since that cancer went away, I have been in excellent health.  Especially for a guy my age!  I am now in 73 years old and have no aches or pains.

My current health issues are:
  • Enlarged prostate (currently being treated)
  • Hernia in my right side (now corrected)
  • Leaking aortic heart valve (not giving me any problems)
  • Blood pressure 135/70 (being corrected to 115/70 with Biconcor medication)
As you may know, my prostate problem is currently being treated by Doctor Andrew Smith, FACS.  I should be good to go back to Mexico before the end of this month.  God willing!

12 Noon - Going out for salad!
I started out this drive heading for a pharmacy to buy Metamucil, a cure for constipation.  I still may buy some Metamucil, but for now I am heading for the salad bar at the local Sizzler Restaurant in the City of Concord.

I love the Sizzler salad bar for seniors, because it is a great bargain. it includes their delicious soups, their wonderful fried chicken, and unlimited trips to the salad bar!
The Sizzler in Concord, California

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