Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Daves blog

9AM - Learning from Dave's blog
My son's blog, "Dave's Home" is a fabulous gift to me.  Thru reading "Dave's Home", I am able to get into the mind of my son before his life slid down into oblivion.

This morning I was reading along and came to a post where where some of Dave's kids were cleaning up the fallen apples from a backyard tree.  In this blog post was a shot of Dave's backyard heater, and it had a cover on it to protect from the winter weather [link].

I went into the cellar where backyard stuff is stored during the winter, and there was that cover.  I've installed it now, and feel really good about that.  I am not sure exactly why it gives me pleasure to do things like this.  Dave is dead, and surely cannot know that I continue to maintain his home.  Besides, Dave gave up his wonderful life anyway.  But somehow I do get pleasure, and that seems to be a good thing for me.

10AM - The last fish
There are only six full days left until I fly off to Mexico next Tuesday.  Things in Dave's home have to be done before then.  One of those things is to attend to the last fish.

The other fish were captured some time ago and taken to a local aquarium store.  All of the fish were easy to capture using a net, then placed into bag filled with fishy water for transport to the aquarium store.  However, one fish is a wily thing.  Very fast, this fish knows how to escape the net and hide in small places where the net cannot reach!

This is a 5" long scavenger fish endowed with a sucker type mouth which it uses to find food that has fallen into the aquarium's rocky bottom.  This sucker fish does a good job keeping the aquarium clean too.

Somehow I must figure out a way to remove scavenger fish's hiding places so I may net him.
Scavenger fish makes a rare appearance!

1PM - Weng at Palms RV Park
I've just spoken with Weng on the cell phone.  Francisco and Weng decided to spend a day at the Palms RV Park in Bakersfield, California.  The family needed some time to clean up after a week on the road.  Also, Francisco felt the need to change the heavy oil in the rear axle because Fish the RV is carrying about 5,000 lbs overweight on that axle.

Isn't the family something else?  We are soooooo proud of them!