Thursday, December 16, 2010

Doc Andrew

8:45AM - Doc Andrew!
As we wrote to you a few days ago, this morning Doc Andrew [my urologist] does a Cystoscopy on me in order to learn what is going on inside that prevents my bladder from emptying normally.  This examination will tell Doc Andrew how to proceed.

I am hoping that whatever is going to be done to correct this condition, does not have to be done until I return to California from Mexico with MsTioga next April.

10AM - Back home
Doc Andrew found nothing exceptional from the Cystoscopy.  Only an enlarged prostate squeezing my urethra.  The Doc wants to do a TURP, which is like a Roto-Rooter job which takes out the prostate tissue close to my urethra.  This TURP operation should allow urine to pass in a normal way from the bladder and thru my urethra.

For now we will do nothing and wait to do the TURP when I return to California next April.

12 Noon - Memories
I am sitting on the couch in Dave's TV room feeling a bit sad for myself. How many other times have I sat right here, and talked with Dave where he always sat on the other couch? So many times before!  When I look where Dave used to sit, his image in my mind's eye is not clear.  What did Dave look like when he sat there during times gone by and talked with me?

Dave advised us in his suicide note, "It will all work out".  Dave was right with that advice.  It will all work out.  However, it is not Dave who is doing that working out.  The working out challenge is being done by those who miss him.  By those who loved him.  I am doing that working out.  And it is a really, really tough kind of thing to do, this working out.

I have eleven full days to go until my airplane flight back to Mexico takes off on Tuesday, December 28th.  Maybe I should not spend all of those days here in Dave's home?  Maybe I should take the opportunity to do some other things during these days?