Sunday, December 05, 2010

Eastern USA

Trip to eastern USA
As you may have read here in our blog, MsTioga and The Team plan to return to the USA this coming spring.  We will then be journeying north on the Pacific coast, and head east when we reach Washington State.  For perhaps as long as the coming two years, we plan to explore the eastern United States.

In 2004 we made an attempt to go to the eastern USA.  MsTioga got as far as South Dakota.  Then turned back west. Click [here] to read about that day in 2004 when we turned back west.  This time we plan to travel much differently than ever before.  We plan to make use of RV campgrounds when necessary, something that we avoided almost completely before.

Preparing MsTioga
There are several things that we feel are absolutely necessary in order to prepare MsTioga for our two-year stay in the eastern states of the USA:
  • Leak test the roof and seal all leaks found.  There is a unique way to test RVs for leaks [link]
  • Install a roof air conditioner.  This new air conditioner will only be used when we have an electrical hook-up. [link]
  • Replace all rubber gasket seals in MsTioga's windows
  • Make sure that MsTioga's in-dash heater is working properly
  • Replace our mechanical leveling jacks with new Bigfoot Quadra hydraulic jacks [link]
  • Stop by Steve O'Bosky's on our trip north in order for Steve to check Mr. Datastorm.  We want to replace our older D2 controller.  Make sure that we have redundant parts onboard in case something goes bad.  [Steve is our MotoSat dealer]
You might be thinking at this moment, "Why not replace MsTioga with a new RV?"  Good question!  For us on the TiogaRV Team, MsTioga is a perfect RV.  Irreplaceable!
  • Her floor plan is perfect.  We love MsTioga's kitchen-how we are separated from guests when we are cooking.
  • MsTioga is the perfect size for us
  • MsTioga is highly tweaked!  We estimate that it would take many months to tweak all the stuff in a new RV.
  • Besides, MsTioga is home.  We would never leave home ever again!    

Electric bikes!
Another thing that we are seriously considering is the addition of a new TiogaRV Team Member.  An electric bike!  In lieu of pulling a tow vehicle, an electric bike would give us the mobility we seek to do exploring.  What do you think? [link]
Is there a new TiogaRV Team member coming soon?

10AM - So comfortable!
It amazes me how very comfortable I am living in Dave's home.  Have I mentioned this before?  Cooking here is so easy.  From the gas range with it's electronic burner starters, to the convection and microwave oven and dish washer.  Everything is soooooo easy!

This morning I prepared a very nice breakfast, as you may see in the pic below.  While eating my breakfast, I thought about my two sons, who I love so much.  My wonderful sons who I worried about, cared about all of my life.  May Dave rest in peace.  May my other son [who prefers not to be mentioned by name here in my blog] be happy and achieve all that he would ever dream for himself.
Today's omelette breakfast!

7PM - Thanksgiving 2009 at Dave's Home
I love to read my son Dave's blog. It is the closest thing that I am able to do to communicate with my departed son. It is like Dave is talking to me!

But sometimes reading Dave's blog makes me sad. I came to a page written on November 23, 2009, where Dave is excited about setting up his huge table for the upcoming Thanksgiving supper. Click [here] to view Dave's blog page.

As you may see, the table is all set up.  Those gold plates are still inside the cabinet at the far end of the table.  Plates that will never be used by Dave again.  That's what makes me sad.

Dave closes that blog post with, "Pretty swanky looking table, huh?"  Dave was pretty happy that day.  It would be more than a month later, when things began to go terribly wrong for him.