Friday, December 10, 2010

George medical adventure

7AM - George's Medical Adventure!
While MsTioga waits patiently in Mexico for me to return, I am having an adventure of my own.  A "Medical Adventure!"  The participants in my Medical Adventure are:
  • Mr. Pain - While the pain from the hernia repair is not severe, this pain is constant and by the end of the day makes me feel soooooo tired!
  • Mr. Catheter - Having a bag strapped to my leg with a plastic tube going up my "You Know What" is an experience and a half!  I had NO idea that so much urine could come out of my body!  I actually have two bags, a Day Bag that is strapped to my leg and is small.  This small bag I use when going out of the house and is concealed inside my pants.  My large bag is used when I go to sleep.  This large bag has a long tube from my "You Know What" to the bag so that I can sleep while the bag is below me and about 2-3 feet away.  
  • Mr. Constipation - Apparently when a person has general anesthesia, not only does the part of the body where surgery is going to happen get put to sleep.  The digestive system, including the intestines go to sleep too.  Until the digestive system "wakes up", those bowels just lie there doing absolutely nothing!  This morning I am going out to buy a "stool softener", a type of laxative recommended yesterday by my nurse at John Muir Hospital.
Remove the catheter by myself!
Yesterday afternoon I went to see my urologist, a really nice guy whose name is Doctor Andrew Smith, FACS.  I wanted Doctor Andrew to remove my catheter.  The doctor told me that he and my hernia repair surgeon, Doctor Steven Young, FACS had talked over my catheter removal and decided that the catheter should remain in place until next Monday.  However, Doctor Smith advised that if I want the catheter removed sooner, that I could remove it myself this morning!  

"Remove it myself!"  My mind exploded with fright at the picture of me, my own self, extracting that tube from my "You Know What" all by myself.  

Doctor Smith explained, "Don't worry.  It's easy.  A three year old could do it with no problems".  The Doctor showed me how to cut the tiny tube holding the water in the balloon that is inside me so that the water would drip out.  The Doctor explained; "As the water drips out, the balloon full of water collapses allowing the tube in my "You Know What" to be easily be removed.  Wow!  Double wow!

I decided this morning to chicken out.  Perhaps being catheterized until next week is not so bad after all.   

No baths!  No hot tub!
Doctor Steven Young, my hernia repair surgeon advised me that although I could take a shower, I should not take a bath.  Soaking in a bath could mess with my stitches which are covered by surgical glue.  This means no hot tub for at least three weeks!  Bummer!

Enlarged prostate
As you may know from my prior blog posts, I have an enlarged prostate gland.  This is a very common thing for men as they age.  My enlarged prostate causes urine retention in my bladder.  This urine retention makes Mr. Bladder be very unhappy.  Something must be done!

I tried Proscar, a medication that is supposed to reduce the size of my prostate.  Proscar did not work.  I tried Rapaflo [FloMax], a medication that is supposed to increase urine flow and thereby decrease urine retention.  Rapaflow did not work either.

So, next Thursday I have an appointment with my urologist, Doctor Steven, to do what he calls, an "Outpatient Cystoscopy".  Not only do I have problems simply pronouncing medical terms like this one, but I have a BIG problem being scared at the doctor sticking something up my "You Know What!"

A Cystoscopy allows Doctor Steven to look inside my urethra and bladder to find out what is going on in there.  If you would like to know more about a Cystoscopy, click [here].

My son Dave
While all of this medical stuff is going on, I am still heavily into reconciling my life without my son Dave. Even though I do not write about my son Dave here in my blog everyday, getting used to Dave being dead remains a very big part of my life.

I am beginning to wonder now, if I'll ever be able to get over Dave's suicide.