Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Las Varas

4AM - Nite Camped in the Town of Las Varas
We headed north last nite from the La Peñita RV Park, heading toward Las Varas.  MsTioga's propane tank was soooooo empty!  We wanted to get to the Global Gas propane station in Las Varas, before the station closed!  When we pulled into Global Gas, it was just past 6pm.  The sun had already set.  It was very dark while driving on the highway.

The guy at this propane station came out telling me that they were closed.  I pleaded with him to fill the tank, telling him that the tank was completely empty [which by that time it was!].  Finally after many "please, please, please help me", the guy filled the propane tank.  He got a very nice tip!

This morning Mr. Dometic's temperature is at 42°F, which makes all of us on the TiogaRV Team very happy!

Only 30 miles to Aticama!
We just checked Mr. DeLorme, our noble computer GPS map to see how far we are from our winter pueblo home of Aticama.  Only 30 miles!  As soon as the dawn breaks, we will head out of Las Varas bound for Aticama!

Everybody on The Team is soooooo anxious to be with Weng and Francisco and to visit in their wonderful home on the hill!

10AM - Day Camped in Aticama!
MsTioga has made a Day Camp along the beach road between Aticama and Playa Matanchen.  Up above, and directly ahead, is the hilltop home of Weng and Francisco.

It is a bright sunshiny day.  The sky is blue, and as you may see in the pic below, it is "T-shirt and short pants" weather!  If you look just above MsTioga's ladder, you may see Weng and Francisco's hilltop home!
Jorge & MsTioga in Aticama

2PM - Jorge, Weng in Fish
Little Mavicita thought that you would like to see a pic of Jorge and Weng in the back of Fish the RV. So, here is that pic!
Jorge & Weng in Fish

4PM - Camped by Little River
MsTioga has moved to her Nite Camp next to Aticama's Little River.  We on the TiogaRV Team love it here, because we are haunted by waters.
MsTioga's Nite Camp at Little River