Monday, December 27, 2010

Last day at Daves

6AM - Last full day at Dave's home!
This is my last full day at my son Dave's home.  Tomorrow morning at 9:28am, United Airlines 877 takes off from San Francisco Airport bound for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  And happy am I to see this day arrive in my life!

It was three months ago on September 28th, that I wrote to you that I was flying from Mexico to California because of a family emergency [link].  I believed as I flew back to California, that my son Dave needed me to be with him for support and that I would be returning to Mexico in less than one week.   It never occurred to me then, that Dave was no longer alive!

Three months!  Wow!  My life has been filled with challenges.  And my son Dave's suicide is one of my greatest challenges.  If my life experience has taught me anything, it has taught me that everything that happens works itself out.  Even the suicide of Dave, my son who I love so much.

Note: My immediate family is very much a part of my life. However, they have asked me not to write about them in my very public blog.

Stuff to do
I've been pretty organized dealing with things here, and on this last full day there is not too much left to do.  I have to capture PusselFish [Dave's name for the Plecostomus-a sucker fish] the last remaining occupant of the aquarium.  My friend Pete Olson advised me to empty the aquarium's water in order to capture the elusive PusselFish.  Then PusselFish will be taken to a local fish store and await a fish lover to come his way.

Several weeks ago I began renting a four foot square storage space to keep things from Dave's home.  My plan is to pick up this storage space stuff when I return to California with MsTioga next April.  Today, the few remaining things will be taken to this storage space.

Finally, I will be packing up my stuff and arranging for a taxi from Dave's home to the Concord BART station at 5:45am.  Tomorrow, I want to be at San Francisco airport two hours before take-off.  So, I will be boarding the 6:12am BART train which arrives at SF airport at 7:28am.

Pete and Fredericka
Yesterday afternoon I received a phone call from my dear friend, Pete Olson.  Pete invited me to dinner at the "Little Shin Shin" Chinese restaurant in the City of Oakland.  Pete recently married Fredericka, the love of his life.  I was to meet the lovely Fredericka for the first time at this dinner.

What a great time the three of us had together.  We remained there enjoying each other for almost three hours until the restaurant was closing!  I am soooooo happy for Pete and Fredericka, both of whom are wonderful people

Wow!  Fredericka has a fantastic smile!
Fredericka, George & Pete
Little Shin Shin-Oakland, Calif

1PM - PusselFish
Dave had a system for maintaining his aquarium.  I knew about that system because Dave made a blog post about it [link].  In that blog post, Dave shows a pic of his siphon system.  I used that siphon to drain the aquarium.  When the aquarium's water was less than 1" deep, ferocious PusselFish could barely move and was easy for me to capture with a long-handled net.

PusselFish sprang to life when I placed him in a large plastic bag filled with his old aquarium water.  We drove him to a nearby tropical fish store and that's where PusselFish is now.
George emptying Dave's aquarium

Next blog post from Mexico!
Tomorrow afternoon when Little Mavicita, Jorge, Mr. HP and Mac the Computer are back with MsTioga in Mexico, we will make our next blog post telling you all about our trip!