Friday, December 17, 2010

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro
I have never owned an Apple computer before.  My first Apple product is the iPod Touch, which I love soooooo much!  Recently, I've come to be convinced that the MacBook series of computers are exceptional machines.  During trips, I've watched fellow travelers using their MacBook's and was impressed how they continued to use their MacBook long after my HP PC's battery had shut down.

I also liked the way MacBook users are able to use only the "touchpad".  I found that the touch pad on my HP ProBook, was much too sensitive when I was typing, causing the cursor to bounce around unexpectedly.  As a result, I've always used a mouse and turned the HP's touchpad off.

I was pretty much convinced that the MacBook Air was for me, until beginning to compare it to the MacBook Pro.  But the MacBook Pro had much larger capacity.  Also features that the Air did not have, ie; illuminated keyboard.   I bought the MacBook Pro and am sooooooo happy with this marvelous computer.

Setting up my new MacBook Pro!
First, you should know that I published this Blogger post using only my new MacBook Pro!  No mouse!

I did all of the MacBook Pro setup myself.  There were some challenges loading software. But with a little support, I easily got thru software installation.  I use VmWare's Fusion3 in order to run Windows on my Mac.  My Mac runs two operating systems.  The MacOS X and Microsoft Windows 7.

All of my data files for publishing are kept on 1&1 Internet's servers.  1&1 has been my webhost since 2003. It is simple to transfer my data files using FTP.  For example, the calendars found in Tioga-George Archives were transfered from 1&1 to my new MacBook Pro using my FTP software.

I am sooooooo happy with my new MacBook Pro, you would not believe!
New MacBook Pro!

9AM - Doctor Young appointment
This morning should be my final meeting with Doctor Steven Young, FACS.  As you may remember, Doctor Young repaired my hernia nine days ago on December 8th.  My surgical wounds from this laporasopic procedure have healed beautifully.  I am very happy with Doctor Young.

My drive to Doctor Young's office takes me along Ygnacio Valley Road.  Every time that I drive this road, my mind turns to September 19 & 20, the days that my son Dave drove this way.  First on his way up to Mount Diablo on the 19th, to spend the nite camping.  It was during that time camping, that Dave wrote his suicide note.

The following morning on the 20th, Dave returned to his home from Mount Diablo.  He drove along Ygnacio Valley Road that time too.  Dave went to his home to retrieve the pistol which he would use to end his life.

I am driving in the same Acura car that Dave drove.  I am driving on the same road that Dave drove.  It seems to me as I drive along Ygnacio, that I should simply be able to talk with Dave.  But of course, that is a one-way talk.   I do the talking, but Dave does not answer.