Saturday, December 11, 2010


Got my Ray-Bans!
You may recall that the frames of my prescription sunglasses broke while in San Diego last month.  I really loved those shades!  The eye doctor who sold me the lenses for those now broken frames, refunded his charge for the lenses.  I used that refund to buy new shades.  Do you like my new Ray-Bans?  Hmmmm?

Last month I turned in a post-office change of address to my new address in South Dakota.  Since then, mail does not get delivered to Dave's mail box anymore.  So, I asked my neighbors, the Baughman's, for permission to receive my Ray-Bans at their home.  Yesterday evening I went over there to pickup my new Ray-Bans.  I had a really nice time talking to Jeff and Sharon Baughman and their son Justin.  Their family has given me so much support since my son Dave died.
My life's so bright-I gotta wear shades!

Never to return!
On October 8th, the day after my son Dave's body was found up in the Sierras, I wrote a blog post which was partly about me one day leaving Dave's home forever, never to return [link].  Yesterday while I was over at my neighbors, the Baughman's, Jeff Baughman asked me when I will be returning to Mexico.  "About the end of December", I replied.  "I guess when I leave here, I won't ever be able to return to my son Dave's home anymore, because the mortgage holder will not let me in."

Jeff has been a real estate agent with local American Realty for many years [link].  Jeff offered that I might easily be able to stay at Dave's home when I return to California with MsTioga next April.  Jeff says that mortgage companies and banks are notoriously slow in taking back under-water homes.

So, maybe I will be able to visit Dave's home again when MsTioga and I return here next year.  I would like that sooooooo much!