Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Readers write

Readers write!
Several readers wrote asking questions about today's surgery:
  • Are you afraid, nervous?  Answer: No!  I am brave & courageous!
  • What medical insurance do you have?  Answer:  Medicare A&B.
  • How much will this surgery cost you?  Answer:  The surgeon costs $900.  I don't know how much the anesthesiologist and hospital will charge.  In the past, Medicare has paid 80% of my medical costs.
  • You wrote about having surgery at John Muir Hospital before to repair a broken hip from a bicycle accident.  What was that all about?  Answer:  On March 28, 1984 at a little after 9am, I was making breakfast at my lovely home in Walnut Creek, California.  Two kids walked down my street knocking over every trash barrel they passed.  I took after these two kids on my bicycle.  When I caught up with them I was riding the sidewalk.  My front wheel hit a sprinkler head and riser pipe which had partly broken off and was now lying across the sidewalk.  My bike went out of control.  I somersaulted over the handle bar landing in the street.  My hip and right wrist were broken!  Surgery to repair my broken bones took almost 3 hours!
  • Does your hernia hurt?  Answer:  No, but it is a bit uncomfortable when it protrudes.  There is a pressure that bothers me.  So, I lie down and apply finger pressure.  Usually the hernia goes back inside easily.
  • Have you ever given a sucker an even break?  Answer:  No!  And I never will!