Sunday, December 19, 2010

Staying home

7AM - Staying home
Dawn should be coming soon, but so far the sky over Dave's home is black.  We are looking out of the big kitchen window.  The pool lights are on so that we can see the rain drops falling on the water.  Don't you think that raindrops on the water are a beautiful sight?

Little Mavicita, Mr. HP George, and our newest TiogaRV team member, Mac [MacBook Pro computer] had a team meeting a little while ago.  The agenda of this meeting was about going to Yosemite National Park.  We talked and talked about all the possibilities.  And after all of that talking, we decided to just stay here at Dave's home instead of traveling to Yosemite Park.

The Sun is not predicted to shine over Yosemite until next weekend.  Also, Bracebridge [link] is being celebrated at the Ahwahnee Hotel at this time, which means that rooms at Yosemite Lodge are pretty much filled.  Perhaps when MsTioga returns to California next spring time, we might then go to Yosemite National Park?

9AM - Word from Weng!
Weng phoned a few minutes ago to tell us that the family has now passed the Town of Weed, California.  Fish the RV is rolling along with no fuel filter problems.  Wow!  We are soooooo happy about that!

3PM - Wondering about the weather
Did you know that MsTioga gets email?  She does!  And most of the time her email contains advice and sometimes warnings!  When we announced awhile back, that the TiogaRV Team was planning a two year journey to explore the eastern United Startes, MsTioga received a bunch of email warning about the terrible temperatures.  "You will either freeze your muffler off in the winter time, or fry your roof top in the summer time!"  Stuff like that!  Wow!

We were all scared!  MsTioga does not want her roof to fry!  We had to figure that there had to be places in the eastern United States where it would be T-shirt and short pants weather all year long.  Are we wrong?

This afternoon we were wondering about the weather.  What is the temperature during the various months of the year?  We found this map which seems to tell it all [link].

6PM - Weng and family reached Lodi!
We just had a phone call from Weng. Fish the RV has arrived at Lodi, California. There are problems with the charging system. However, Francisco has found a way to charge the battery anyway.

Go Francisco! We are soooooo proud of you!