Monday, December 13, 2010


9AM - Five days since surgery
This morning marks five days since my hernia repair operation.  Still have pain.  On a 1 to 10 scale, sometimes it goes up to 4.  But only sometimes.  Right now as I sit typing to you on Mr. HP, I have no pain at all.

I'm still catheterized, even though urologist Doctor Andrew Smith, FACS told me last week that it was OK for me to remove the tube myself from my You Know What.  The amount of urine that collects in the catheter bag surprises me.  I had no idea that soooooo much pee came out!

Yesterday evening Mr. Toilet and I got a little bit friendly for the first time since last Tuesday!  I started drinking Metamucil yesterday. Maybe the Metamucil helped me?

Prostate, cystoscopy and a ream job!
You may recall that I posted to you about having an enlarged prostate which has caused me to be unable to empty my bladder.  This coming Thursday, I have an appointment with Doctor Andrew again for a Cystoscopy.  A procedure to send a device up my You Know What in order for the Doc to see what is going on in my urethra and bladder.

From the Cystoscopy, Doc Andrew will know how to correct the prostate problem and allow my bladder to empty normally. Maybe I will get a ream job?  I do not know yet.  Doc Andrew has not told me about the alternatives to make that correction.

Airplane ticket back to Mexico
Yesterday evening I purchased a flight ticket on United Airlines for Tuesday Morning, December 28th.  It is a non-stop to the Puerto Vallarta airport.  Lord!  I will be soooooo happy to be back with MsTioga again!